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that wasn’t a tax cut

Let’s be clear. The Republican ‘tax cut’ isn’t a tax cut; it isn’t tax reform; it isn’t an overhaul or economic stimulus or job creation. It’s a redistribution of wealth.

In starker language, it’s the rape of America, a craven power move to show who’s in charge. Simple as that. Forcible, nonconsensual, frenzied, and carried out in the wee, small hours. Darkness is the preferred venue for criminals and their nefarious activities, you know.

However, for the sake of decency, we’ll call it a pillaging. The Senate and House will like that better, sounds manly and war-like instead of gutless.

We — the ordinary folks — have no standing in this government. We’ve no voice, no influence, and no hope things will change anytime soon. America no longer exists for us. It’s been repealed and replaced by an underhanded party of toadies, men who are beholden not to voters in their redrawn and gerrymandered districts, but to fat-cat donors — the neediest, most deserving among us.

Heck, the Russians have more influence than the average citizen, just not legally or openly. Campaign contributors and lobbyists, consultants, people with deep pockets and narrow minds run things now; they’re buying up media outlets to peddle their warped, delusional philosophy. The poor dears are pretty heavily outnumbered — by roughly 99% to 1% — so distorted messaging is called for. Think Breitbart. Think Project Veritas.

We shouldn’t expect government protection from their practices or Wall Street or pharmaceutical industry greed. Nor do we need the foresight of environmental regulations or access to healthcare. What we need are more guns and less education, dammit; college isn’t good for us, according to 54% of Republicans. It puts thoughts in our heads. We’ll gain far greater benefits by learning practical skills rather than original, independent thinking.

An educated population is nothing but trouble. Which pretty much explains the GOP’s blind devotion to Sideshow Don, an inept businessman who rose from bankrupting his own companies (6 times) to bankrupting an entire country — morally, ethically, and soon financially.

So here’s my question: if this is such a powerful, all-encompassing solution, why the rush? Why the secrecy? Why the running and the hiding? Why the misrepresentations? Let me guess — because it’s a stinking handout?

Fasten your seatbelts, buckaroos, we’re in for a long, very disheartening ride.


copyright © 2017 little ittys

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