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Anyone with a grain of sense is searching for a loophole in the 2016 election, any viable excuse to nullify a Trump presidency. With good reason; his election will be a yuuuge worldwide disaster. America, as ground zero, may need decades to repair the damage he’s set to cause. And I don’t think I’m overstating.

According to my careful, highly unscientific calculations, Trump and his administration will be the equivalent of a 7.8 ± earthquake. Widespread destruction.

So, sure, let’s find way around him. Fortunately, the Russians with their hacking and fake-news propaganda, provided us with an ideal pretext — such covert meddling deserves investigation. A recount is currently underway in Wisconsin, with others expected to follow in Pennsylvania and Michigan; states Trump won by a margin of ± one point .

Failing that, many are urging electors to deny Trump the 270 votes he needs when the electoral college convenes on December 19th. Their reasoning? He’s unfit to serve as President of these United States. Well, duh. He’s typically described, in less than glowing terms, as kleptocrat, misogynist, dangerous, racist, fraudulent, bigoted, reckless, and hair-obsessed.

Personally, I’m heartened by the disgust and outrage. It’s proof decent, ethical, thinking Americans do exist. Even so, I’m afraid a Trump presidency is inevitable. And probably safer, too, at least in the short-term. Imagine the backlash if that nutjob was denied office. His supporters, the overlooked caveman demographic, would burn the country to the ground — from sea to shining sea.

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